Employee Performance Evaluations

We believe you can predict a candidate's probability of success in your company doing your work.
(And it's more than their education, experience or titles in past assignments!)

Executive Search

Executive Search meets Science

Harnessing the power of our unique Science of Selection process, we predict—before you hire—who will be your next high-performer.

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Talent Consulting

we get people

Human Capital is arguably the most valuable asset an organization holds. But, it has also been the most difficult to measure . . . until now.

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Predictive Assessments

Predict performance and fit

Powered by Self-Management Science, our portfolio of predictive tools allows you to measure (to 99.5% probability) a person's success in your job, your culture, and your team.

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How we do it

We apply the science of Self-Management throughout all stages of a company’s Talent Lifecycle. The ultimate in talent analytics!

self management group

Self Management Science, which provides quantitative and objective measures of employee performance & retention, is the cornerstone of our selection and development methodology. As a Master Distributor of Self Management Group technologies, we use this science in all of our practices.

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