Employee Performance Evaluations

What if 80% of your employees performed like your Top 20%?
(Psssst, we've seen that you can let go your bottom 20% and not replace them!)

Executive Search

Executive Search meets Science

Harnessing the power of our unique Science of Selection process, we predict—before you hire—who will be your next high-performer.

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Talent Consulting

we get people

Human Capital is arguably the most valuable asset an organization holds. But, it has also been the most difficult to measure . . . until now.

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Predictive Assessments

Predict performance and fit

Powered by Self-Management Science, our portfolio of predictive tools allows you to measure (to 99.5% probability) a person's success in your job, your culture, and your team.

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How we do it

We apply the science of Self-Management throughout all stages of a company’s Talent Lifecycle. The ultimate in talent analytics!

self management group

Self Management Science, which provides quantitative and objective measures of employee performance & retention, is the cornerstone of our selection and development methodology. As a Master Distributor of Self Management Group technologies, we use this science in all of our practices.

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